I was not sure what to expect from this journey, but the information I am about to record is not something that has been seen for thousands of years. 

A few weeks ago a young nobleman from court acquired a treasure map and was gathering people to help him find it. It was more of a general location in a wild northern region of our lands. I was bored with court as I usually am and saw this as an opportunity to get out of the city for a while.

Master Drebeck assembled a small band of adventuring types to help him in his quest. We were all contracted to equal shares of whatever we find. I am sure the treasure must be small as the wealth of the north is not measured in gold.

As we left the last town we were surprised to find a small band of Goblins and a flock of Stirges as we made our way farther north. We captured a few of the Goblins and had them lead us to their cave. Goblins had not been seen is these woods for many generations so this was concerning in itself. The local farmers had lost a goat or two recently and we guessed it was because of these new arrivals. If there were more they would need to be driven out.

When we found their cave it appeared to have the same location as out treasure map. The goblins did not hold any wealth, so maybe they did not find it.

We killed more who hid in this cave, but it was no cave, it was a door to a chamber that lead deeper into the cliff side. Two doors that had not been opened lead in opposite directions and this is where the adventure really beings.

Up until this point I was unconcerned as to the skills and background of the group. But now their talents would come into play. The group is made up of Master Drebeck, a practicing wizard and merchant. I do not know what power he wields, but currently he remains an asset to our survival. 

We have an Elf solder that has said little of the wars he has fought in. He is fast and can strike hard, but his tactics a flawed and only suit him best.

A Gnome Cleric join the group and brought his dog along. He is brave but seems to depend on his magic more than his mind. I think he is more likely to overspend his resources than all the others.

Somehow a Bard was included in our group, and at first I thought he would be dead weight. However his wit has made this adventure bearable. 

And then there are the two Dragonborn. One is a Paladin, the other is a Barbarian. I do not understand these creatures. They seem to hold powers and not use them. Then the barbarian just runs headlong into battle nearly getting himself killed and expecting the rest of us to tend to his wounds. I think it will not be long before he bites off more then he can chew.

As I continue this tale we have traveled far inside this well carved hole in the ground. How or why such a place is here is connected to the ancient art that is covering some walls. It is of an ancient people from far in the past and little significance is seems to what we are finding. 

Many monsters lurk in the dark and we have killed many. However there is a continuous theme of goblinoids and trolls. Small bits of treasure are here and there but no chest of gold and gems. I did find a magic sword that is deadly to the giants. Other minor magics have been found as well but the main thing to note is that there are too many of these Orcs, Goblins and Trolls to be of minor concern. 

Their banner is one of ancient legend during a time gone by a millenia ago. It is of a marauding hoard that destroyed nations and it seems to have come to our north woods. We traveled back to town and altered the mayor who in turn sent for aid. I too sent a letter to the court requesting aid. But it will take time for them to arrive and we must stand against them until help finds us.

We are making our way back to the door in the cliff so we can find out how and where they are coming from. The nights are filled with ambushes from the dark patrols and I worry we will be able to hold them. Our band is becoming more seasoned but we have not gelled together. There is too much panic in them. I will try to work out a strategy we can use to gain an advantage over their unending numbers but unless they listen we will be hard pressed to survive before help can arrive.